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Bongs, K*; Singh, Y*; Smith, L*; He, W*; Kock, O*; Swierad, D*; Hughes, J*; Schiller, S*; Alighanbari, S*; Origlia, S*; Vogt, S*; Sterr, O*; Lisdat, C*; Le Targat, R*; Lodewyck, J*; Holleville, D*; Venon, B*; Bize, S*; Barwood, G P; Gill, P; Hill, I R*; Ovchinnikov, Y B; Poli, N*; Tino, G M*; Stuhler, J*; Kaenders, W* (2015) Development of a strontium optical lattice clock for the SOC mission on the ISS. Comptes Rendus Physique, 16 (5). pp. 553-564.

Nevsky, A*; Alighanbari, S*; Chen, Q F*; Ernstring, I*; Vasilyev, S*; Schiller, S*; Barwood, G P; Gill, P; Poli, N*; Tino, G M* (2013) Robust frequency stabilization of multiple spectroscopy lasers with large and tunable offset frequencies. Opt. Lett., 38 (22). pp. 4903-4906.

Conference or Workshop Item

Schiller, S*; Gorlitz, A*; Abou-Jaoudeh, C*; Mura, G*; Franzen, T*; Nevsky, A*; Alighanbari, S*; Chen, Q*; Ernsting, I*; Poli, N*; Schioppo, M*; Tino, G M*; Sterr, U*; Vogt, S*; Falke, S*; Lisdat, C*; Gill, P; Barwood, G P; Ovchinnikov, Y B; Rasel, E*; Kulosa, A*; Bongs, K*; Singh, Y*; Calonico, D*; Levi, F*; Stuhler, J*; Kaenders, W*; Bize, S*; Holtzwarth, R* (2013) Development of compact lattice optical clocks toward future space clocks. In: Lasers & Electro-Optics. Europe & International Quantum Electronics Conference (CLEO EUROPE/IQEC 2013), 12-16 May 2013, Munich, Germany.

Schiller, S*; Gorlitz, A*; Nevsky, A*; Alighanbari, S*; Vasilyev, S*; Abou-Jaoudeh, C*; Mura, G*; Franzen, T*; Sterr, U*; Falke, S*; Lisdat, C*; Rasel, E*; Kulosa, A*; Bize, S*; Lodewyck, J*; Tino, G M*; Poli, N*; Schioppo, M*; Bongs, K*; Singh, Y*; Gill, P; Barwood, G P; Ovchinnikov, Y B; Stuhler, J*; Kaenders, W*; Braxmaier, C*; Holzwarth, R*; Donati, A*; Lecomte, S*; Calonico, D*; Levi, F* (2013) The space optical clocks project: development of high-performance transportable and breadboard optical clocks and advanced subsystems. In: 2012 European Frequency and Time Forum (EFTF 2012), 23-27 April 2012, Gothenburg, Sweden.

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