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Aktas, A; Sims, G D; Lira, C*; Stojkovic, M* (2016) Survey of procedures in use for permeability measurements in liquid composite moulding processes. NPL Report. MAT 82


Yong, A X H; Aktas, A; May, D; Endruweit, A; Advani, S; Hubert, P; Abaimov, S G; Abliz, D; Akhatov, I; Ali, M A; Allen, T; Berg, D C; Bickerton, S; Brauner, C; Brutsch, D; Caglar, B; Caglar, H; Causse, P; Chiminelli, A; Cohades, A; Comas-Cardona, S; Danzi, M; Dittmann, J; Dransfeld, C; Ermanni, P; Fauster, E; Garcia-Manrique, J A; George, A; Graupner, R; Grishaev, V; Guilloux, A; Hancioglu, M; Harizi, W; Herman, T; Huang, W; Kabachi, M A; Keller, A; Kind, K; Laspalas, M; Lebedev, O V; Lizaranzu, M; Long, A C; Masania, K; Michaud, V; Middendorf, P; Salvatori, D; Schubnel, R; Sharp, N; Sozer, M; Thomas, J; Trochu, F; Umer, R; Valette, J; Wang, J H; Willenbacher, B (2021) Out-of-plane permeability measurement for reinforcement textiles: a benchmark exercise. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 148. 106480

Maierhofer, C; Krankenhagen, R; Röllig, M; Rehmer, B; Gower, M; Baker, G; Lodeiro, M; Aktas, A; Monte, C; Adibekyan, A; Gutschwager, B (2018) Defect characterisation of tensile loaded CFRP and GFRP laminates used in energy applications by means of infrared thermography. Quantitative InfraRed Thermography Journal, 15 (1). pp. 17-36. ISSN 1768-6733

Maierhofer, C; Krankenhagen, R; Röllig, M; Unnikrishnakurup, S; Monte, C; Adibekyan, A; Gutschwager, B; Knazowicka, L; Blahut, A; Gower, M; Lodeiro, M; Baker, G; Aktas, A (2018) Influence of thermal and optical material properties on the characterization of defects in fiber reinforced composites with active thermography methods. tm - Technisches Messen, 85 (1). pp. 13-27. ISSN 0171-8096

Aktas, A; Boyd, S W*; Shenoi, R A* (2015) Cure and strain monitoring of novel unsaturated polyester/phenolic resin blends in the vacuum infusion process using fibre Bragg gratings. J. Compos. Mater., 49 (29). pp. 3599-3608.

Aktas, A; Potluri, P* (2015) Needle penetration through polymeric cellular foam materials. Mech. Adv. Mater. Struct., 22 (10). pp. 794-802.

Aktas, A; Krishnan, L*; Kandola, B*; Boyd, S W*; Shenoi, R A* (2015) A cure modelling study of an unsaturated polyester resin system for the simulation of curing of fibre-reinforced composites during the vacuum infusion process. J. Compos. Mater., 49 (20). pp. 2529-2540.

Conference or Workshop Item

Maierhofer, C*; Krankenhagen, R*; Rollig, M*; Rehmer, B*; Gower, M; Baker, G; Lodeiro, M; Aktas, A; Knazovicka, L*; Blahut, A*; Monte, C*; Adibekyan, A*; Gutschwager, B* (2016) Characterisation of artificial defects in CFRP and GFRP sheets designed for energy applications using active thermography. In: 13th Quantitative Infrared Thermography Conference, 4-8 July 2016, Gdansk, Poland.

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