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VAMAS promotes metrology of material property measurement at CIPM.

Sim, G D; Bennett, S (2007) VAMAS promotes metrology of material property measurement at CIPM. MAPAN, J. Metrol. Soc. India, 22 (3). pp. 209-220.

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Over the last 25 years the VAMAS (Versailles Project on Advanced Materials and Standards) organisation has made many contributions to materials measurement procedures and standards. During the UK chairmanship of VAMAS from 2002-2005, NPL introduced into discussions at the VAMAS Steering Committee (SC) the need and rationale for increasing the visibility of the metrology applied to the measurement of material properties. This was partly based on NPL's identification of underpinning techniques for property measurement that were widely applicable to different materials throughout their life cycle in a range of industry sectors and applications.

The discussions at the VAMAS Steering Committee led to a proposal to the CIPM (Comité International des Poids et Mesures) meeting in October 2005 to study the metrology needed in the measurement of materials properties. The CIPM accepted the proposal to set up an ad hoc Working Group on Metrology of Materials that would report following a 2-year study. The Working Group is assessing a wide range of materials properties, looking particularly at the need for improved traceability routes, data comparability and the availability of appropriate reference materials. The Group will report to CIPM in October 2007, with the intention of raising the profile of materials metrology internationally and engaging the leading NMIs (National Measurement Institutes) in recognising and addressing known difficulties in demonstrating consistency and comparability of material property measurements.

Three meetings have taken place (at the NPL in the UK, NIST in the USA and the French LNE) to address the Terms of Reference agreed by the CIPM. This paper describes the needs analysis developed in VAMAS, the range of properties being investigated and the studies being undertaken by the Working Group members as inputs towards its final report to the CIPM.

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