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Frequency metrology and clocks.

Margolis, H S (2009) Frequency metrology and clocks. J. Phys. B, At. Mol. Phys., 42 (15). 154017

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Transitions between discrete energy levels in well-isolated atomic systems are highly reproducible and therefore make ideal references for highly accurate frequency standards or clocks. In particular, a single laser-cooled ion confined in a radiofrequency ion trap closely approximates the spectroscopic ideal of a particle at rest in a perturbation-free environment. Narrow optical transitions in such systems are therefore very promising for the realization of optical clocks with accuracy around 2 orders of magnitude higher than current microwave primary standards. In this paper the fundamental aspects, current performance and applications of trapped ion optical clocks are reviewed and the potential for future improvements is considered.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: optical frequency standards, optical clocks, optical frequency metrology, ion trapping
Subjects: Time and Frequency
Time and Frequency > Optical Frequency Standards and Metrology
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URI: http://eprintspublications.npl.co.uk/id/eprint/4453

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