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Microwave and optical frequency transfer via optical fibre.

Marra, G; Lea, S N; Margolis, H S; Gill, P (2008) Microwave and optical frequency transfer via optical fibre. In: Proceedings of the 7th Symposium on Frequency Standards and Metrology., 5-11 October 2008, Pacific Grove, California, USA.

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The radio frequency repetition rate of an infrared erbium-doped mode locked fibre laser is transferred over 50 km of spooled single mode fibre (SMF). The pulse broadening caused by the chromatic dispersion of the fibre is partially counteracted by incorporating a matched length of dispersion compensating fibre (DCF). The fibre-induced phase noise is cancelled by means of a fibre stretcher at the transmitter end. The transfer frequency stability delivered at the `user¿ end is measured to be better than 5 x 10^{-15} t^{-1/2} for integration times longer than 1 s.

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Subjects: Time and Frequency
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