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Single molecule studies of myosins.

Farrow, R E*; Fielden, J C*; Knight, A E; Molloy, J E* (2009) Single molecule studies of myosins. In: Single Molecule Biology. Academic Press, pp. 1-33. ISBN 9780123742278

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Myosins are motor proteins that are present in virtually all eukaryotic cells; indeed the recent explosion in genomic information shows that there are at least 18 different families of myosin in higher organisms. The first myosin to be isolated, now called myosin II, is the protein in muscles that, together with actin, brings about contraction. It is a molecular machine that converts the chemical free energy of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), to mechanical force and movement. Studies, by both 'traditional' and 'single molecule' approaches, have been focussed on understanding the mechanism of this energy conversion, and the diversity of functions of myosins in cells.

Item Type: Book Chapter/Section
Keywords: single molecule, myosin, molecular motor, optical tweezers, total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy
Subjects: Biotechnology
Biotechnology > Bio-Diagnostics
Publisher: Academic Press
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