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Femtosecond comb measurements of optical frequency standards at NPL.

Lea, S N; Margolis, H S; Huang, G; Barwood, G P; Klein, H A; Blythe, P J; Webster, S A; Rowley, W R C; Gill, P; Windeler, R S* (2002) Femtosecond comb measurements of optical frequency standards at NPL. In: IEEE-LEOS 2002 15th Annual Meeting of the IEEE Lasers and Electo-Optics Society., 10-14 November 2002, Glasgow, UK.

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Femtosecond laser frequency comb generators have revolutionized absolute optical frequency metrology, permitting optical frequency standards to be measured relative to microwave frequency standards in a single step. In this paper we report on absolute frequency measurements which have been made at NPL of strontium and ytterbium ion trap optical frequency standards and various vapour and gas-cell optical frequency standards, using a femtosecond optical frequency comb referenced to a hydrogen maser.

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Keywords: optical frequency standards, femtosecond comb, ion traps, stabilised lasers
Subjects: Time and Frequency
Time and Frequency > Optical Frequency Standards and Metrology
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URI: http://eprintspublications.npl.co.uk/id/eprint/2730

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