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The fully integrated miniaturised optical electric field sensor.

Liang, W L; Loader, B G; Alexander, M J; Torihata, S*; Kobayashi, H* (2001) The fully integrated miniaturised optical electric field sensor. In: BEMC 2001- 10th British Electromagnetic Measurement Conference, 6-8 November 2001, Harrogate, UK.

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A new generation of miniaturised optical electric RF and Microwave field sensors is being developed. The sensors are based on the Mach-Zehnder optical interferometer and made completely by integrated optical technology. Apart from thin film metallic dipole elements of 3 to 5 mm strips, there is no other conductive material. The basic dimension of the sensor head is 5 mm to 8 mm in diameter. There is a single fibre to guide the laser beam in and out of the sensor head. The sensor is made as a single element with the polarization response either parallel, perpendicular, or at a 54.7° angle to the axis of the sensor handle. It can also be made as three orthogonal sensor elements grouped together to produce an isotropic response to the field being measured.
Since the Pockels effect of the Ti:LiNbO3 has a pico-second relaxation time, this type of sensor can be made to work from intrinsically DC to millimetre waveband, to record all aspects of the RF and Microwave signal, such as amplitude, phase, modulation, frequency and polarisation – to be detected without the use of a RF and Microwave transmission line connection. Since these types of sensor can work with narrowband microwave receivers or spectrum analysers, the achievable sensitivities could be hundreds of times higher than the conventional field sensors currently available commercially. This paper will report the latest measured performance of this type of sensor, the problems encountered in its development, and also discuss their potential applications.

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